Senator doesn't know who he trusts more on Iran deal: Obama or Ayatollah Khamenei

"I’m not so sure I’m trusting President Obama on this"

Published May 19, 2015 8:50PM (EDT)

Ron Johnson                (Reuters/Jason Reed)
Ron Johnson (Reuters/Jason Reed)

In a town hall meeting in Wisconsin, chairman of the Senate's Homeland Security Committee Sen. Ron Johnson said that he doesn't know who he trusts more regarding the Iran nuclear deal framework: Barack Obama or Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

He noted that there are numerous discrepancies between Obama's explanation of the deal and Khameini's explanation of the deal, and doesn't know who to listen to.

“10,000 kilograms of uranium, President Obama says, ‘well that’s going to get shipped out.’ The Ayatollah goes, ‘no it’s not,’” he added. “‘Sanctions. We’re not going to lift those until they adhere to the terms of the agreement.’ The Ayatollah goes, ‘no those get lifted immediately.’”

“I don’t know, I hate to admit it, but in terms of this framework, do I trust President Obama, or do I trust the Ayatollah?" Johnson said. "In terms of what the framework actually says? I’m not so sure I’m trusting President Obama on this.”

By Joanna Rothkopf

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