Snoop Dogg's voting for Hillary: America needs "a perspective other than the male’s train of thought"

"You know I like to be politically correct, but sometimes I’m politically incorrect"

Published May 19, 2015 4:51PM (EDT)

 Snoop Dogg (Bravo)
Snoop Dogg (Bravo)

The once-and-future Snoop Dog was fielding questions live on Bravo Sunday when the conversation suddenly turned political -- and the proud Long Beach native handled it with aplomb.

The caller reminded Snoop that he was a Ron Paul supporter in the last election, and he laughed, saying "I like to be politically incorrect, but sometimes I'm politically incorrect."

"But I'll say," he added, "that I would love to see a woman in office, because I feel like that we're at that stage in life where we need a perspective other than that male's train of thought."

"And just to have a woman speaking from a global perspective as far as representing America, I’d love to see that. So I’ll be voting Ms. Clinton."

Watch the entire segment featuring Snoop Dogg below.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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