Here's your first look at Jason Segel's masterful performance as David Foster Wallace in "The End of the Tour"

And starring Jesse Eisenberg as "that awkward cerebral guy with the stammer"

Published May 27, 2015 8:43PM (EDT)


James Ponsoldt, the writer-director who brought us the compelling and restrained teen love story "Spectacular Now" back in 2013, is receiving rave reviews for his newest endeavor: a beleaguered portrait of the late celebrated author David Foster Wallace in "The End of the Tour."

The film is a loose adaptation of David Lipsky's "Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip With David Foster Wallace." It stars a bandana-donning Jason Segel delivering what is being heralded a "full 'Capote'" performance. Less surprisingly, Jesse Eisenberg adds one more credit to his list as "that awkward cerebral guy with the stammer" with the role of the then-Rolling Stone journalist, David Lipsky.

The official A24 synopsis adds: "The two men bob and weave around each other, sharing laughs and also possibly revealing hidden frailties – but it’s never clear how truthful they are being with each other. Ironically, the interview was never published, and five days of audio tapes were packed away in Lipsky’s closet. The two men did not meet again."

Images of Segel prepping for the role of DFW have been making their rounds on the Internet for a year now, and today it all comes to fruition with a first-look trailer via A24.

The film is slated for a July 31 limited release.

Watch below:

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