Scott Walker: Women should be forced to have ultrasounds because they are "a cool thing"

The Wisconsin governor said a procedure that involves being probed with a 10-inch rod is "lovely"

Published May 27, 2015 2:00PM (EDT)

Scott Walker                           (AP/Lefteris Pitarakis)
Scott Walker (AP/Lefteris Pitarakis)

This post has been corrected since it first appeared.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has obviously never had a mandatory sonogram. This observation is not based entirely on the likely Republican presidential candidate self-identifying as a man or his ostensible lack of a vagina, but also on Walker's characterization of the procedure -- which he agreed to mandate for Wisconsin women seeking abortion care -- as "lovely."

During an interview with conservative radio host Dana Loesch last week, Walker bragged about his anti-choice record, highlighting his recent decision to sign a bill that requires women to undergo medically unnecessary ultrasounds before having an abortion. According to the GOP governor, the measure is partly an effort to coerce women into staying pregnant, but Walker also stood behind it because he thinks ultrasounds are just "a cool thing."

"The thing about that, the media tried to make that sound like that was a crazy idea," Walker said of the mandatory ultrasound law. "Most people I talked to, whether they’re pro-life or not, I find people all the time that pull out their iPhone and show me a picture of their grandkids’ ultrasound and how excited they are, so that’s a lovely thing. I think about my sons are 19 and 20, we still have their first ultrasounds. It’s just a cool thing out there."

But Walker also came clean about the real intention of the law, which is to prevent abortion through manipulative means. "We just knew if we signed that law," the governor added, "if we provided the information that more people if they saw that unborn child would make a decision to protect and keep the life of that unborn child."

Listen to the segment, via Right Wing Watch, below:

By Jenny Kutner

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