Men are dogs: Amy Schumer performs an uncomfortable bachelor party striptease

"Inside Amy Schumer's" newest sketch finds Schumer at a hellish all-dog bachelor party

Published June 1, 2015 6:55PM (EDT)

           (Inside Amy Schumer)
(Inside Amy Schumer)

The show must go on, even when the show in question is a striptease for a room full of slobbering dogs.

In a sketch airing on Tuesday's "Inside Amy Schumer," Schumer arrives at a house for her first-ever stripping gig to find a bunch of dogs cozied up on a couch for their "bachelor party." Schumer's more seasoned co-stripper encourages her to carry on with the performance, but it's clearly starting to take a toll on Schumer. “This sucks -- this is bad for my self-esteem,” she says as one dog lets out an audible yawn.

Schumer has graciously made room for dogs in the comedy world this season; two weeks ago, she lampooned crazy dog moms at a “doggy daycare” as a stand-in for anti-vaxxers.

Watch the clip below:

By Colin Gorenstein

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