Melissa McCarthy baffles Jon Stewart by showing up in a dress with his face tiled on it

McCarthy's plus-size clothing line is slated for an August debut. Hopefully this is what we can expect

Published June 4, 2015 2:25PM (EDT)

 Melissa McCarthy    (The Daily Show)
Melissa McCarthy (The Daily Show)

Oscar-nominated actress and soon-to-be clothing line founder Melissa McCarthy joined "The Daily Show" Wednesday night to talk "Spy," "Ghostbusters" and, most importantly, showcase the perfect "Daily Show" dress with Jon Stewart's face tiled across it.

"What ... is that?" Stewart said as McCarthy walked onto the stage. "Lovely," he finally said of the dress after McCarthy explained, in blasé fashion, that it was her "Jon Stewart dress." Duh.

McCarthy's plus-size clothing line, called "Melissa McCarthy Seven7" is slated for an August debut, and we can only hope that Jon Stewart-themed formal wear will be made widely accessible to the public as part of it.

Watch the clip below:

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