Twitter explodes over #McKinney, Texas cop who tackled black teen girl in video

Predictably, the awful people were their predictably awful selves

Scott Eric Kaufman
June 8, 2015 11:18PM (UTC)

The incident involving a white police officer and a group of black teens at a McKinney, Texas pool is, as you would expect, generating heated discussions on social media.

Ta-Nehisi Coates managed to be his typically eloquent self even in declining to write about the incident:


[embedtweet id="607672236439273472"]

That isn't to say there weren't some insightful responses:

[embedtweet id="607687338999701504"]

[embedtweet id="607648391976189952"]

[embedtweet id="607647989507620864"]

[embedtweet id="607634650194800640"]

[embedtweet id="607631428600406016"]

[embedtweet id="607623444151169024"]

[embedtweet id="607603955972108288"]

[embedtweet id="607598216109006849"]

[embedtweet id="607598216109006849"]

Awful people were, predictably, awful:

[embedtweet id="607967335513604096"]

[embedtweet id="607960800993673216"]


[embedtweet id="607966007999631360"]

[embedtweet id="607965817053970432"]

[embedtweet id="607727826620416000"]

[embedtweet id="607902917568249856"]

[embedtweet id="607900034391261184"]

Some solid career advice was, however, offered:

[embedtweet id="607687667376132099"]

Many on Twitter just up and went meta- on the responses:

[embedtweet id="607967597959614464"]

[embedtweet id="607743297067479040"]

[embedtweet id="607759273544806402"]

Scott Eric Kaufman

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