Dinesh D'Souza boasts to Fox News: I'm using my community service hours to indoctrinate immigrants against Obama

Megyn Kelly laughs -- because it's funny when your ideological allies do what you accuse your opponents of doing

By Scott Eric Kaufman
Published June 9, 2015 5:50PM (EDT)
 Megyn Kelly, Dinesh D'Souza (Fox News)
Megyn Kelly, Dinesh D'Souza (Fox News)

In an "exclusive" interview on "The Kelly File" last night, host Megyn Kelly spoke to the recently released Dinesh D'Souza about his time in prison, during which he confessed to using his community service to indoctrinate non-native speakers into conservative ideology.

The interview began, however, with Kelly asking D'Souza what it was like to do "hard time." D'Souza reminded her that he was sent to a "confinement center" instead of a prison for violating federal campaign finance laws, but that he was still shocked by the "gamut" of criminality he encountered there.

He bunked with "everything from murderers to burglars to people who had been bringing people across the border," he said. "It was a rough crowd, but on the other hand, after an initial period of caution" in which he "tried to figure out if there were gangs going on in there," he began to see his fellow inmates not as human beings, but as objects of study.

He imagined himself to be "an anthropologist in a strange land," and what he discovered is that there's "a shamelessness to the criminals. We want them to be rehabilitated, to feel appropriately humbled and accept that what they did was wrong."

Kelly cut him off, saying she was "up against a break," but she had to ask him "if you converted anybody to Republicanism like you said you were going to do?"

"I wasn't trying to convert the guys in prison," D'Souza replied, "because remember, they can't vote. It's my students -- I'm teaching English to Hispanics, about 100 students, and I will say that at the end of my eight months, if you took a vote among students between me and Barack Obama, I don't think Obama would get a single vote."

Watch the interview via Fox News below.

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