3 Jon Snow impressionists try their best to impress Kit Harington

All of them succeed, but only one is able to convince Kit Harington that "winter is coming"

By Colin Gorenstein
Published June 11, 2015 2:16PM (EDT)
 Kit Harington  (Jimmy Kimmel Live)
Kit Harington (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Jimmy Kimmel — who is at once infuriating and also, to his credit, deeply knowledgable about what people on the Internet are suckers for — knows that there are a lot of people who love doing "Game of Thrones" impressions.

With Kit Harington visiting his show Wednesday night, Kimmel leapt on the opportunity to incorporate this in the segment, gathering three master Jon Snow impressionists for him to evaluate.

All were wildly successful in their impressions but only one was able to effectively convince Kit that "winter is coming."

Watch the clip below:

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