Ann Coulter: Police brutalizing a black teen in a bikini is the new "Squirrel!"

We should all really be paying attention to how legal immigrants are "unnaturally" destroying America

By Scott Eric Kaufman

Published June 11, 2015 2:40PM (EDT)

Ann Coulter                        (AP/Jose Luis Magana)
Ann Coulter (AP/Jose Luis Magana)

In an editorial published on Wednesday, Ann Coulter -- apparently unsatisfied with her rather voluminous recent output of offensive remarks -- chided the media for focusing on Ferguson, ISIS, and Caitlyn Jenner when immigrant cultures are "unnaturally" transforming America into something awful.

"How many thousands of news stories have there been on Ferguson, ISIS, Chris Christie's 'Bridgegate' or men becoming women?" she asked. "But the media will never tell you about Mexicans gang-raping a lesbian in Richmond, California, an Indian immigrant in San Francisco importing 12-year-old girls he bought from their parents for sex, or three children being beheaded by Mexicans in Baltimore."

Coulter may have a valid complaint -- the media does, in fact, seem interested in issues other than the only one she believes to be significant. But instead of chalking that up to a difference of opinion as to the most pressing matter of the day, she argued that this "unnatural transformation" is "purely the result of government policy," and suggested that the media's reluctance to cover it exclusively is the product of collusion.

Not that she's philosophically opposed to collusion, especially not when the conspirators flatter her pet project. "Three times in the last decade, Democrats and Republicans conspired to grant illegal aliens amnesty," she wrote. "The only way they were tipped off to the proposed amnesties was through the hard work of about three bloggers, four talk-radio hosts and the Drudge Report."

Right-wing media collaboration to bring attention to immigration is, to her mind, mensch-work of the sort the media won't do, and the American people -- who she earlier claimed in this very article are incredibly intelligent -- are too stupid to demand the media do so.

"Most people think about only what the media want them to think about," she wrote. "Everyone has developed a position on Ferguson, ISIS and gay marriage. This week, everyone has a position on a policeman's confrontation with a black girl in a bikini at a pool party in Texas."

Coulter professed to be concerned about how ordinary American lives are being affected by legal and illegal immigration, but in the end, it's her own interests that are at issue here. "Without our post-1965 immigration policy, Obama would never have been elected president," she argued. "That means no Obamacare, no withdrawal of every last troop from Iraq, no playing footsie with the Iranians, no Eric Holder, no Fast and Furious, no IRS harassment of tea party groups, no Benghazi massacre -- and on and on and on."

She concluded by noting that the Grand Old Party has abdicated its responsibility on this issue, noting that "elected Republicans ran the numbers and realized that the GOP won't be completely wiped out for a few more years, and by then, they'll all be retired."

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