Chris Pratt only makes 3 faces in all of "Jurassic World"

Pratt says "the worst thing you can do is overact" which is why he hardly moves his face in his latest film

Published June 12, 2015 1:39PM (EDT)

 Chris Pratt    (Conan)
Chris Pratt (Conan)

Chris Pratt says "the worst thing you can do is overact," which is why he's resolved to only make three faces in "Jurassic World." Pratt shared his talent for facial emoting with Conan Thursday night, running the gamut from fear to love to pure joy. Turns out, "oh shit that's a dino" and "wow I'm so in love with you" register almost identically on hisface.

Between Bryce Dallas Howard's on-command crying and Pratt's stoic facial emoting, Conan is making quite a case for seeing Colin Trevorrow's latest.

Watch the clip below:

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