"Orange is the New Black" early release prompts Internet freakout: "TELL YOUR FRIENDS. TELL YOUR DOG. TELL YOUR LESBIAN AUNT"

The Litchfield ladies are back, and just ahead of schedule

By Anna Silman
Published June 12, 2015 4:33PM (EDT)

The sneaky folks over at Netflix, proving once again that they are benevolent yet all-powerful puppet-masters who can make the world shut down on command, decided to release the complete third season of “Orange is the New Black” a day early. As expected, everyone promptly freaked out / canceled all their plans / stayed up all night / severed themselves from all their loved ones and all their worldly posessions in the name of one singular cause: bingewatching.

First off, everyone freaked out:

[embedtweet id="609171910358740993"]
[embedtweet id="609164078674804736"]
[embedtweet id="609186948788281344"]
[embedtweet id="609198615945433088"]
[embedtweet id="609182040911671296"]

And people were soooo happy:

[embedtweet id="609171246207619073"]
[embedtweet id="609182004559650817"]

But some people were also a bit defensive:

[embedtweet id="609359647728926720"]
[embedtweet id="609387343414345729"]

Many people bade farewell to the world:

[embedtweet id="609247524700815360"]
[embedtweet id="609227296084393984"]
[embedtweet id="609183918655447040"]
[embedtweet id="609264581756780544"]
[embedtweet id="609177438879285248"]
[embedtweet id="609370910479523840"]

People stayed up very late to watch:

[embedtweet id="609291616562450432"]
[embedtweet id="609260271610241025"]
[embedtweet id="609392408552456192"]
[embedtweet id="609189400413470720"]
[embedtweet id="609268236035690496"]

Even Questlove:

[embedtweet id="609265615405228032"]

Some people also multi-tasked:

[embedtweet id="609180073455824896"]
[embedtweet id="609396203407716352"]
[embedtweet id="609395531677347841"]
[embedtweet id="609364492108046336"]
[embedtweet id="609315599416569857"]

After the first few episodes, many feelings were felt:

[embedtweet id="609392216298143744"]
[embedtweet id="609254228767457280"]
[embedtweet id="609295409341702144"]
[embedtweet id="609221112287723520"]
[embedtweet id="609214697326297088"]
[embedtweet id="609214318966652928"]

New addition Ruby Rose was a particular hit:

[embedtweet id="609307941573799938"]
[embedtweet id="609394465996812288"]
[embedtweet id="609342949470552064"]

All in all, it was a long night for everyone:

[embedtweet id="609383729459429376"]
[embedtweet id="609334229806280704"]
[embedtweet id="609347768797265920"]

So basically, the question is:

[embedtweet id="609392185784594432"]

Anna Silman

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