"Yup, I'm sitting next to Sen. Rand Paul": Jeb Bush strategist trolls Rand on Twitter for entire flight to L.A.

Mike Murphy chronicled Paul's reading material (Newsmax!), breakfast choice (quiche!) and more...

By Salon Staff
June 13, 2015 4:46AM (UTC)
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Rand Paul (AP/Carolyn Kaster)

When Jeb Bush adviser and longtime GOP strategist Mike Murphy found himself seated next to Rand Paul on a flight to Los Angeles today, he did what we'd all do -- he live tweeted it.

There's masterful trolling involving Lindsey Graham, and when Paul orders the quiche for breakfast, Murphy files it away as a possible joke for the presidential debates.


Here's the complete collection:

[embedtweet id="609361488155963392"]

[embedtweet id="609361572293644288"]

[embedtweet id="609361790292598785"]

[embedtweet id="609361870177366016"]

[embedtweet id="609362049152499712"]

[embedtweet id="609362153540296704"]

[embedtweet id="609362288622092288"]


[embedtweet id="609362432176300032"]

[embedtweet id="609362558861082624"]

[embedtweet id="609362689626873856"]

[embedtweet id="609363109673869313"]

[embedtweet id="609363888522592258"]

[embedtweet id="609364157180313600"]

[embedtweet id="609365800139530240"]


[embedtweet id="609367642957332480"]

[embedtweet id="609370718942429184"]

[embedtweet id="609370863780130816"]

[embedtweet id="609382259637022721"]

[embedtweet id="609430780113063936"]

[embedtweet id="609431073320103936"]

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