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Sarah Palin on Rachel Dolezal: "I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh ... this hard"

"Our original civil rights freedom fighters are rolling in their graves over the backward steps we've taken lately"

Salon Staff
June 14, 2015 5:50PM (UTC)

Sarah Palin has taken to her Facebook page for a typically insightful and nuanced contemplation of the Rachel Dolezal controversy and a thoughtful, complex consideration of race in America.

Nah. It's a totally non-sensical attack on Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama's "former multi-ethnic girlfriend" and affirmative action and political correctness, and it ends with something about a college in Idaho. You'll have to go to her Facebook page for that. Sorry. But here are the highlights. All typos are hers.


Ok, I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh... this hard. I know this isn't a victimless crime, what this white chick perpetrated. But it's a most crystal clear picture of so many screwed up things we've let society adopt as the norm. Namely, the practice nowadays of judging someone not based on character, but on skin color. Our original civil rights freedom fighters are rolling in their graves over the backward steps we've taken lately. It's politically incorrect to call out Elizabeth Warren for falsely claiming she's American Indian, or dinging Obama for just making up his former multi-ethnic girlfriend, and I guarantee I'll be branded a racist for laughing at this Rachel Dolezal story. Whatever. Dolezal is an unsatisfied lily white leftist who believes the only thing less politically correct than being a white girl is to be a white guy today. Can't help but be preemptively amused as I post this and invite Dolzel's defenders wrath to aim and miss at we who won't put up with political correctness destroying truth in America.

Salon Staff

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