Ex-Sen. Scott Brown to Fox News: Bernie Sanders won’t be a serious contender until he stops spitting and combs his hair

"His bed-head seems to be working," Outnumbered's Andrea Tantaros replied

Scott Eric Kaufman
June 15, 2015 10:36PM (UTC)

Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown joined the "ladies" of Fox News' "Outnumbered" were discussing the perceived lack of enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton at her presidential announcement event, comparing her unfavorably to Senator Bernie Sanders.

Co-host Jedediah Bila said that Sanders' crowds are more enthusiastic for him than Clinton's are for her, and "that has to be killing her!"


"Will you tell him to comb his hair, please?" Brown replied, apropos of nothing. "When he was in the Senate, you look at him, and it was like, 'Bernie stop spitting -- and comb your hair, man.'"

"Well, his bed head seems to be working," co-host Andrea Tantaros said. "Because he had bigger crowds over the weekend [than Clinton]."

When Tantaros asked the former senator whether "it was a bit of stretch" for Clinton to call Republicans "the party of yesterday," Brown replied that "of course it's a stretch -- she hasn't driven in 20 years."

In another segment, Brown boasted that he'd never been laid off -- except "by the people," when he lost senatorial bids to Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts and Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire.

Watch the entire segment from Fox News' "Outnumbered" below.


Scott Eric Kaufman

Scott Eric Kaufman is an assistant editor at Salon. He taught at a university, but then thought better of it. Follow him at @scottekaufman or email him at skaufman@salon.com.

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