Fox’s dumbest Rachel Dolezal take yet: This means we can lie about our ages to apply for Medicare now, right?

Resident doctor Keith Ablow is famous for saying that trans identity doesn't exist. Now, he takes it even further

Published June 15, 2015 3:51PM (EDT)

 Dr. Keith Ablow      (Fox News)
Dr. Keith Ablow (Fox News)

Fox News' resident psychiatrist, Keith Ablow, who once famously said he "wasn't convinced" being transgender exists, managed to reignite his anti-trans vitriol on Monday's "Fox & Friends" while discussing Rachel Dolezal.

During the interview, Ablow suggested that transgender people have created a slippery slope, and that the public is much more likely to be accepting of Dolezal's  racial identity now.

Taking his theory one step further, Ablow said recent Dolezal revelations are bound to muddy the U.S. legal system ("more than one" attorney agrees, too!).

“If I believe in my soul that I’m a 65 year old — I happen to be 53 — if I believe I’m 65, I say it to my doctor, I feel it in my core, can I apply for Medicare?” Ablow said, who was greeted by laughs from the "Fox & Friends" crew and told "that's such a good point, indeed."

Ablow strayed from the Dolezal case for a moment to meditate on Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover, too, sharing that he thought the whole thing was about her wanting to be on the cover of the magazine and get some face-time more than anything else.

"We could be coming to a time -- strangely, some might say -- where what people say they are is what you have to accept them as," Ablow said, as if discovering uncharted land.

Watch the clip below:

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