Paul Ryan can't even convince Fox News that Republicans have a viable Obamacare alternative

GOP will absolutely, positively, offer an insurance alternative should the Supreme Court shoot down Obamacare

By Scott Eric Kaufman
June 15, 2015 3:58PM (UTC)
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On "Fox News Sunday," host Chris Wallace demanded details from Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan about the Republicans' secret plan for replacing Obamacare should the Supreme Court invalidate it, but the former vice presidential candidate refused to offer any.

Ryan said that should the Supreme Court deem the federal subsidies unconstitutional and leave six million people uninsured, the GOP has "a solution that addresses this law. We’ll have a solution for the people caught in this law, so that they’re not caught in the lurch."


His offer of providing people both insurance and "freedom from Obamacare" was extraordinarily vague, though, so much so that Wallace became visibly annoyed. "For all the complaints," he said, "we're five years into Obamacare and Republicans have still not come up with a coherent plan that will ensure that all of those millions of people will get coverage."

Ryan repeatedly refused to offer specific details about what the Republican's "freedom from Obamacare" insurance plan would entail, offering instead political platitudes. "We will have an answer," he said, sounding less like a politician and more like a kid at summer camp trying to convince his bunkmates of the existence of his Canadian girlfriend. "We will have a solution."

Ryan said his party would provide the public with details of this plan once it had a chance to "customize" it after the Supreme Court invalidates Obamacare.


Watch video of the conversation below via Mediaite.

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