"Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul breaks hearts with truly bad "Jesse-centered" spin-off hoax

Paul crafted an elaborate social media prank in which he promised a Jesse-centered spinoff. Then quickly said "jk!"

Published June 16, 2015 6:03PM (EDT)

Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul

It's sure starting to feel like a rite of passage for “Central Intelligence" stars to get into some sort of mischief on set. This weekend ushered in news that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson had sideswiped a man's truck while listening to music and gotten out of charges by being his lovable self. Now, co-star Aaron Paul is deep into some mischief of his own, although it's going to take a lot more than being "lovable" to win back the "Breaking Bad" fandom after this one.

This weekend, Paul crafted an elaborate social media scheme in which he announced on Instagram that he was heads down on a top secret project of sorts (could it be? could it be?). On Monday, he followed this up with a Periscope livestream in which he said the project would no longer be secret, rambling on at great length about how a "Breaking Bad" spinoff centering around his character, Jesse Pinkman, was underway. Then, like a true villain, Paul stomped on many's hopes and dreams by interjecting with a cheap "juuuuuust kidding, boredom got the best of me."

Well, "BB" fans can cross that one of their list. But maybe there's still a chance in hell for a Skinny Pete & Badger spinoff? Wendy the Prostitute? The Schwartzes? No?

Paul later apologized for the mean-spirited, boredom-fueled prank on Twitter. He was greeted with an outpouring of hate, with an occasional "I LOVE YOU."

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By Colin Gorenstein

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