Fox News' Andrea Tantaros considers "identifying" as a cat to avoid paying income taxes

Rachel Dolezal "opens up the question, because of Caitlyn Jenner" about people identifying as anything

Published June 16, 2015 6:10PM (EDT)

  (Fox News/"Outnumbered")
(Fox News/"Outnumbered")

On "Outnumbered" Tuesday, co-host Andrea Tantaros slid right down conservatives' slippery slope de jour and asked whether she'd have to pay income taxes if she "identified" as a cat.

This mocking of the logic of "identification" began, as Arthur Chu noted, long before Caitlyn Jenner or Rachel Dolezal became objects of national interest.

But "the ladies" of "Outnumbered" are clearly unaware of the ubiquity of their fallacious arguments, as Tantaros accused Dolezal of "toggling between races when it's beneficial for her, and I think that's the issue, because if she was honest and upfront and said, 'I was born a white woman, I wasn't born in a teepee, I didn't hunt with an bow,' and all these lies -- people would be more sensitive."

The dismissive grunts from her co-panelists strongly suggest otherwise, but they don't call that slope slippery for no reason, and once Tantaros started sliding, she couldn't help herself. "This opens up the question, because of Caitlyn Jenner, if I self-identify as a cat -- as a feline -- do I have to pay income taxes?"

"Animals don’t pay taxes," she added. "I just think we’re opening the door to a very crazy, crazy debate where people who might not be mentally stable, some who might, to self-identify as a spaceship."

Watch video of the segment via Fox News below.

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