White woman involved in McKinney incident denies using racial slurs

Tracey Carver claims she's facing death threats over racist comments she denies making

By Jenny Kutner
Published June 17, 2015 6:11PM (EDT)
             (YouTube/Brandon Brooks)
(YouTube/Brandon Brooks)

A woman involved in the violent pool incident in McKinney, Texas in early June claims she did not make any racist comments during the altercation, despite being accused of directing racial slurs at a group of black teenagers.

Tracey Carver, a McKinney native who has since relocated to California in light of alleged death threats, announced at a press conference on Tuesday that she did not tell teens at the event to return to public housing, refuting claims made by 19-year-old Tatyana Rhodes. Rhodes, who hosted the pool party, told reporters that Carver was verbally abusive to the teenagers at the event.

Carver, however, now maintains that it was the teens who made racially charged statements. The Dallas Morning News reports:

Carver said that people set up a barbecue event with a DJ next to the pool but outside the pool gates around 5 p.m. June 5. People attending the barbecue who were not residents of the Craig Ranch neighborhood then began entering the pool “by the dozens.”

Partygoers became angry at a pool security guard when he began asking for them to show their key cards, according to Carver. She said she was also asked to show her key card.

Carver said she decided to leave with her children, a grandchild and a friend when people started jumping the fence around the pool. She recalls others shouting, “Go home, bye, black haters.” [...]

According to the McKinney woman, once she left the gate, a teen began screaming racist slurs at her friend and stated that the pool was public. The friend told the teen that it was not a public pool and that people pay dues to use it, Carver recalled.

Carver has hired celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, who recently represented a group of women that accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault.

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