Alabama congressman: People "exploiting" Charleston tragedy to have Confederate flag removed are "beyond contempt"

Rep. Palmer (R) also discusses conversations he has with an unnamed black friend in Congress

By Scott Eric Kaufman
Published June 22, 2015 7:55PM (EDT)
                    (AP/Dave Martin)
(AP/Dave Martin)

On Monday morning, Alabama Representative Gary Palmer (R) attacked those who are calling for the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina state capitol, saying they are "beyond contempt," the Intercept's Lee Fang reports.

Host Matt Murphy claimed that many on the left believe that the if the flag hadn't been flying at the state capitol, Dylann Roof wouldn't have gunned down nine parishioners in the Emanuel AME Church. That no one has posited a causal connection between the shooting and the presence of the flag is beside the point because, according to Rep. Palmer, the real problem is "people that have an agenda seekign to exploit a tragedy."

"To me, that's beyond contempt," he added. "Here you have this church that's suffered an unbelievable tragedy by this person who has hate to the degree that he's insane -- and they try to exploit this tragedy for their own agendas."

Rep. Palmer concluded the segment by telling a story about a black member of Congress -- one he doesn't deign to name, for whatever reason -- with whom he is friendly. He said that he occasionally bumps into his black friend and the two of them remark, as you do, that if "you strip away all of this extraneous stuff, at the core we believe the same thing."

Listen to Congressman Palmer's remarks in their entity below via The Intercept below.

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