"Polygamy, here we come!" Right wing melts down over gay marriage victory

You knew this was coming...

By Sophia Tesfaye

Senior Politics Editor

Published June 26, 2015 3:09PM (EDT)

William Kristol                   (C-Span)
William Kristol (C-Span)

Conservative Twitter reacted swiftly with doomsdays predictions following today's Supreme Court decision affirming marriage equality federally.

According to some right-wingers on Twitter, today's decision marks the end of times:

Here comes the polygamy slippery slope:

[embedtweet id=614441444758130688]

[embedtweet id=614443132827115520]

The end of churches:

[embedtweet id=614439816072052736]

[embedtweet id=614441325648302081]

[embedtweet id=614435703653580801]

The obligatory Caitlyn Jenner joke:

[embedtweet id=614437513697067008]

Lamenting the demise of the Confederate Flag:

[embedtweet id=614440144372772865]

[embedtweet id=614437524249907200]

Somehow this ruling is good for guns:

[embedtweet id=614436397693452288]

And the faithful, gays are immoral arguments:

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[embedtweet id=614441081145569280]

[embedtweet id=614446235194363904]

Some 2016ers also tweeted their opposition to the expansion of same-sex marriage:

[embedtweet id=614434531861512193]

[embedtweet id=614442117117661184]

[embedtweet id=614444858137251840]

Jeb Bush tweeted a link to his statement against today's decision, arguing that the issue should have been left up to the states:

[embedtweet id=614440182482341892]


By Sophia Tesfaye

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