Donald Trump: "I love the Mexican people" -- but it's time to "FIGHT!" them

Twitter, as you can well imagine, was not amused

By Scott Eric Kaufman
June 30, 2015 6:12PM (UTC)
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Donald Trump (Reuters/Dominick Reuter)

The same Donald Trump who was just last night being applauded by Megyn Kelly and Howard Kurtz for never "clarifying" his outrageous remarks took to Twitter Tuesday morning to clarify his remarks about Mexicans being gun- and drug-smuggling racists:

[embedtweet id="615866741994954752"]


Twitter responded to that incoherent statement with all the gravity it deserves:

[embedtweet id="615868393795620864"]

[embedtweet id="615867912730054656"]

[embedtweet id="615868023803641856"]

[embedtweet id="615878942122086400"]

[embedtweet id="615881125760733184"]


[embedtweet id="615880313206517764"]

Given his earlier statements, Trump probably should have worded his tweet a little better:

[embedtweet id="615870948453920769"]

Because in the end, what Trump said was just a variation of that old racist chestnut:

[embedtweet id="615866965207425024"]

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