Donald Trump doubles down on anti-immigrant comments: "Somebody's doing the raping!"

Don Lemon calls the GOP candidate out for fundamentally misreading the articles he repeatedly cites

Published July 2, 2015 11:48AM (EDT)

Donald Trump                                                 (AP/Dennis Van Tine)
Donald Trump (AP/Dennis Van Tine)

CNN's Don Lemon spoke to Donald Trump on Wednesday about his belief that Mexico is sending rapists across the border, but instead of backing down, the GOP presidential candidate insisted that he has evidence that Mexicans really are rapists.

Trump told Lemon that "if you go to Fusion, you can see a story. About 80 percent of the women coming" to America have been raped. "You know who owns Fusion? Univision!"

He pulled that statistic from a September 2014 Fusion article by Erin Siegal McIntyre and Deborah Bonello, in which they wrote that "[a] staggering 80 percent of Central American girls and women crossing Mexico en route to the United States are raped along the way."

"Go to Fusion and pick up the stories on rape," he continued, not seeming to realize that stories about immigrant woman being raped on their way across the border aren't proof that Mexico is exporting rapists to the United States. "It's unbelievable when you look at what’s going on. So all I’m doing is telling the truth!"

Lemon tried to tell Trump that he had fundamentally misread the Fusion article he had cited, noting that "it was about women being raped," but the real estate mogul would have none of it. "Somebody's doing the raping!" Trump replied.

"You can't say 'it's just women being raped.'" he added. "Who's doing the raping? Who's doing the raping?"

Watch the entire exchange below via CNN.

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