Did Anonymous take down the NYSE? Some very amusing tweets suggest it's possible...

Account close to the hacktivists posts funny clips from "The Office" after warning the NYSE was in for a rough day

Published July 8, 2015 6:52PM (EDT)

            (Reuters/Nacho Doce)
(Reuters/Nacho Doce)

In the wake of the bizarre network failures that grounded United Airlines for hours, shut down the Wall Street Journal's website, and caused trading to be halted on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, more attention is being paid to a rather unsubtle tweet written by an account with ties to the hacktivist group Anonymous:

[embedtweet id="618626955433349120"]

For its part, the New York Stock Exchange denied that there had been "a cyber breach":

[embedtweet id="618818929906085888"]

To which Anonymous replied:

[embedtweet id="618848491515699200"]

Ironically, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was delivering a speech today on the subject of cybersecurity:

[embedtweet id="618831677704531968"]

He acknowledged that he had spoken to the heads of all three entities who experienced a non-cybersecurity-related network failure today:

[embedtweet id="618830749492473856"]

The Internet, however, remains unconvinced:

[embedtweet id="618825541773230080"]

[embedtweet id="618809696833679360"]

[embedtweet id="618808012711567360"]

Or, at the very least, amused:

[embedtweet id="618810075755327492"]

[embedtweet id="618815233524670464"]

[embedtweet id="618814073094959107"]

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