Conan O'Brien makes world's best Comic-Con entrance as a "Mad Max" Doof Warrior

O'Brien kicks Comic-Con off the right way -- with a flame-spewing guitar

By Colin Gorenstein
July 9, 2015 6:09PM (UTC)
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Conan O'Brien (Team Coco)

Conan O'Brien, Chief Doofus of late night, became a Doof Warrior Wednesday night.

As part of his week-long Comic-Con visit, the late-night host appeared in a cold open alongside Andy Richter as "Mad Max: Fury Road's" Immortan Joe and Doof Warrior, respectively.


This week's Comic-Con programming promises to be a wild adventure, if Conan can manage to not kill himself with his flame-spewing guitar.

Watch the clip courtesy of Team Coco below:

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