John Oliver blasts Whoopi Goldberg for Bill Cosby defense

The host created a supercut showing Goldberg's 10 dumbest defenses through the years, from Chris Brown to torture

Published July 13, 2015 12:57PM (EDT)


In the days since the Associated Press unearthed a 2005 civil suit testimony revealing that Bill Cosby once came clean to drugging women for the purpose of sex, most Cosby defenders have owned up to their misinformed judgments and backed down. Not Whoopi Goldberg who, apart from Camille Cosby (who went on record saying that she believes his accusers "consented to drugs and sex"), has proven herself to be the comedy legend's most loyal -- and vocal (see: "The View") -- defender throughout the entire ordeal.

This isn't completely surprising, either, when you consider Goldberg's track record on "The View." As co-host of the daytime talkshow, she's defended everything from Ray Rice to Chris Brown to the concept of torture as a whole -- even when all evidence pointed to the contrary.

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver decided to bring attention to this on Sunday's program, creating a supercut of Golberg's most absurd defenses through the years. That included, of course, “I don’t believe it was rape-rape” re: Roman Polanski and, on torture practices, “There are other countries that have done it, and it’s reaped quite the benefits for them.”

What better way to start your week than by watching the clip below?

By Colin Gorenstein

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