Donald Trump lashes out at Karl Rove in his latest Twitter fight: "A Bush plant who called all the races wrong"

As Trump prepares to meet with Ted Cruz, he targets a shared nemesis

By Sophia Tesfaye

Senior Politics Editor

Published July 15, 2015 6:04PM (EDT)

Donald Trump                    (Reuters/Harrison Mcclary)
Donald Trump (Reuters/Harrison Mcclary)

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz may prove to be the GOP's anti-establishment dynamic duo. As the two Republican presidential candidates prepare to meet in New York today, they have both targeted veteran political operative Karl Rove.

Politico reports that Karl Rove appeared on Fox News today to slam Trump as an unserious candidate. “The fundamentals matter a lot and Mr. Trump’s fundamentals are not good,” Rove explained on America's Newsroom. Rove has repeatedly encouraged Republican voters to ignore Trump's candidacy.

Well, Trump pushed back against Rove, tweeting today that Fox News should refrain from booking the former political strategist to President George W. Bush:

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Rove previously claimed that Trump would not officially enter the presidential race because he wouldn't want to reveal his personal finances, predicting on Fox News that "he will delay filing that piece of paper, and mark my words, he will delay and ask for extensions as long as possible.”

Trump confirmed to MSNBC today that he would be filing his financial disclosure this week:

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Trump has previously hit Rove for his infamous election night meltdown in 2012:

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For his part, Trump's buddy and rival Ted Cruz got into his own war of words with Rove last month. When Cruz wrote in his memoir that while seeking an endorsement from President George H.W. Bush, Rove suggested that the elder Bush, who was then 84, was “too old” to have good judgment anymore.

Trump only had kind words for Cruz today as he prepared to meet with the freshman senator, telling MSNBC that “I respect the fact that along with a couple of others, he came out and he came out very strongly and agreed with what I said on illegal immigration. And he came out very strongly and he came out early, and I respect that. I like him.”

By Sophia Tesfaye

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