Operation Jade Helm 15: Brave tweeter valiantly documents life in Obama-occupied Texas

Operation Jade Helm 15 is in full effect

By Scott Eric Kaufman
Published July 16, 2015 9:45PM (UTC)
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(Credit: Midland Jokes)

Operation Jade Helm 15 began yesterday, and beards weren't the only thing that caught Obama's thugs' attention. Shit got real serious real quick, according to Devin Pike and other embedded operatives on the ground:

[embedtweet id="621330192368291840"]

[embedtweet id="621339968888156160"]

[embedtweet id="621340488373645312"]

[embedtweet id="621343042218393600"]

[embedtweet id="621344240254218240"]

[embedtweet id="621344787803828224"]

[embedtweet id="621345649930448896"]

[embedtweet id="621346189330362370"]

[embedtweet id="621347996404420608"]

[embedtweet id="621350045305163776"]

[embedtweet id="621350371990986756"]

[embedtweet id="621351287913746432"]

[embedtweet id="621353589949071360"]

[embedtweet id="621351883962220544"]

[embedtweet id="621352833808498688"]

[embedtweet id="621359220458397696"]

[embedtweet id="621362532205359104"]

[embedtweet id="621363286123151360"]

[embedtweet id="621365615513718784"]

[embedtweet id="621366302217760768"]

[embedtweet id="621374699193274368"]

[embedtweet id="621380080963584000"]

[embedtweet id="621383618997432320"]

[embedtweet id="621385634633093120"]

[embedtweet id="621387186907279360"]

[embedtweet id="621422613311696896"]

[embedtweet id="621424062942851073"]

I suppose Texas really is "a whole 'nother country" now.

Scott Eric Kaufman

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