Penn Jillette makes Donald Trump look like even more of a petty goon — by showering him with praise

Earlier this week, Trump fired off a series of hate-tweets at the former Apprentice contestant. Jillette looked on

By Colin Gorenstein
Published July 17, 2015 10:09PM (EDT)
Penn Jillette, Donald Trump                    (AP/Richard Shotwell/Reuters/Keith Bedford)
Penn Jillette, Donald Trump (AP/Richard Shotwell/Reuters/Keith Bedford)

Remember how Donald Trump hate-tweeted former "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant Penn Jillette at 3 a.m. earlier this week? Well, there's more to that story.

After the GOP hopeful declared Jillette's show on Broadway "terrible" and claimed that, without "The Apprentice" he'd have "died out long ago," Jillette fired off a tweet in return. Actually, maybe "fired" is an overstatement here.

He delicately sent off some words to Trump and killed him with kindness, rather. Have a look for yourself:

[embedtweet id=621654324129697792]

Jillette sat down with the radio host Greg "Opie" Hughes right after the faux-Twitter feud and was able to pry a few more comments about Trump out of him:

“He can be unlikable, but I am really very fond of him. And still, with what you read, it kind of makes me like him more!” Jillette said.

The magician then proceeded to shower Trump with even more high praises, comparing him to legends like Bob Dylan at one point.

“Thelonius Monk, the great jazz piano player, said — and it’s not a well-known quotation but I love it — he said, ‘The genius is the one who is most like himself.’ That’s what I love with Bob Dylan, Lenny Bruce, Tiny Tim — they were completely like themselves. Trump, for better or worse, is in that category. I have talked one-on-one with Bob Dylan, and I have talked one-on-one with Trump, and they do not have filters. They speak honestly and from the heart."

Donald Trump: The legend who "doesn't do his homework."

Listen to the full interview below:

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