Rush Limbaugh is a Trump-truther: He did not say what the media said -- except for "one time"

"The facts don't really matter in a circumstance like this," at least not Limbaugh and his ilk

By Scott Eric Kaufman

Published July 20, 2015 6:28PM (EDT)

On "The Rush Limbaugh Show" Monday, the perpetually outraged host claimed that "it is a fact that [Donald] Trump did not say what he is being reputed to have said," and that it is only because of the "Washington elite" and "liberal media" that people believe that he did.

In what is arguably only the second worst defense of Trump's remarks about John McCain to appear today, Limbaugh echoed the words and sentiment of Steve Doocy on "Fox & Friends," saying that it's not true that Trump said "what he is being reputed to have said," before immediately adding, "he said it one time."

Also like Doocy, Limbaugh claimed that Trump said "he is a war hero" four times, but neglected to mention that they were followed by the qualifier "because he got captured" -- a qualifier that invalidates the ostensible compliment Trump was paying the former prisoner of war.

He then proceeded -- without irony -- to pillory the media for doing exactly what he had just done, saying "the facts don't really matter in a circumstance like this. What actually was said by the offending party and the context in which it was said are purposely blurred, lied about, or ignored."

Listen to an excerpt from Limbaugh's July 20, 2015 show below via Media Matters.

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