11 ridiculous fast-food items you won’t find on the regular menu — from Taco Bell’s “The Superman” to Chipotle’s “Burritodilla”

"Secret menus" are the Internet's worst-kept secret. McDonald's is just one of many:

Published July 21, 2015 6:18PM (EDT)


In a recent Reddit AMA, a UK McDonald's manager put some long-swirling rumors to rest when he revealed the existence of a "Secret Menu."

The user, who goes by the name OrchidHibiscus, described a few of the menu items. Among the list: the "Land, Sea and Air Burger" which combines a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish and a McChicken and the "McGangbang" (um, nope) which is essentially just a McChicken stuffed inside a McDouble.

When reached for comment, the fast-food chain denied the existence of the secret menu."We love the food that we serve in our restaurants and we don’t want to keep it a secret from our customers," one spokesperson told Mashable.

But what is a "secret" in the age of the Internet, anyway? Sites like #HackTheMenu frequently update on the latest in menu hacks, rendering the term "secret menu" nothing more than empty Internet jargon.

Below, we've included some "secret menu" items that may not actually be "secret," but they sure will give you a heart attack. Dig in!

In-N-Out Burger

Animal Style Fries

"Your tray of fries comes topped with a mass of melty cheese, the same grilled onions, and a heart-stopping ladle ofThousand Island dressing."

Flying Dutchman

"The Flying Dutchman is two beef patties sandwiched around two slices of cheese. That's it, that is the Flying Dutchman. There's no lettuce, no onions, and definitely no bun."


Power Chicken Hummus Bowl

"The Power Chicken Hummus Bowl comes loaded with all-natural, antibiotic-free chicken, creamy cilantro jalapeno hummus, baby spinach, cucumber slices, diced tomatoes & red onions. This bowl is then topped with some fresh-squeezed lemon and chopped cilantro."

Power Breakfast Egg White Bowl w/ Roasted Turkey

"This Turkey Breakfast Bowl comes loaded with Roasted all-natural, antibiotic-free turkey, healthy egg whites, fresh baby-spinach, roasted peppers, and savory basil pesto."



"The Burritodilla is essentially a regular quesadilla with half the contents of a regular burrito. It is half burrito, half quesadilla, hence the name. It looks like a quesadilla but tastes just like a burrito that has lots of cheese in it. It is like a chicken, or steak, or carnitas quesadilla on steroids."


"The popularity of the monstrous Quesarito is due to the fact that it is a burrito in which the "shell" of the burrito is actually a Cheese Quesadilla. That's right, instead of using a plain flour tortilla like the unfortunate soul next to you, the Chipotle servers will start your Quesarito off with a quesadilla they make from sandwiching a heaping amount of cheese between two tortilla shells and heating it in the warmer while you wait."

Jack in the Box

Loaded Grilled Breakfast Sandwich

"The Loaded Grilled Breakfast Sandwich is the traditional Jack in the Box Grilled Breakfast Sandwich that you load with extras. The basic sandwich comes with two fried eggs, two slices of ham, two strips of bacon and two slices of melted cheese. Start there and then add your other favorite items... maybe some turkey, add some sausage, load it with extra bacon."

Taco Bell

The Superman

"The Superman is a huge burrito that starts with a normal cheesy double beef burrito then adds potatoes, sour cream, guacamole and crispy tortilla strips."

Shake Shack

Quad Burger

"The Shake Shack Quad Burger is just what you would expect, 4 burger patties. And it's akin to the Monster Mac or In-N-Out's 4 x 4."

Peanut Butter and Bacon Shackburger

"Shake Shack has managed to create a peanut butter sauce that pairs perfectly with their savory ShackBurger, but they didn't stop there. They knew that bacon makes everything better, and they were right when they put it on this secret menu burger."

Ice Cream Sandwich

"...This variant is barely recognizable as an ice cream sandwich at all. Although, it does make more sense when you picture what the term ice cream sandwich should look like. That's because this ice cream sandwich is actually assembled by the customer in a sort of makeshift attempt at an ice cream sandwich. Ask your server for a side of grilled burger buns when you order one of their frozen custards."

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