Fox News host: Women should "make men a sandwich" after "engaging in a little horizontal hula"

"I don't think it's taking women back in time" to suggest embracing servility, she said, "it's just a kindness"

Published July 30, 2015 8:45PM (EDT)

On "Outnumbered" Thursday afternoon, "the ladies" discussed a Glamour article that the magazine retracted after it came under fire for being outdated and misogynistic.

Co-host Andrea Tantaros, to the surprise of absolutely no one who regularly watches "Outnumbered," disagreed with the magazine's decision to retract the article, saying that it included a number of genuinely good ideas. "After you engage in a little horizontal hula," she said, "make him a sandwich. That's not called the 1950s! That's called kindness!"

"Frankly," Tantaros said, "I think women should do more than that." She moved on to the other suggestions, which included providing men with alcohol as they exit the shower and occasionally answering the door in lingerie.

"What's wrong with giving your man a brewski when he comes out of the shower?" she asked. "That's sweet!"

"Who needs a beer right out of the shower?" comedian Ryan Reiss replied. "Who are you dating, Don Draper? I've never gotten out of the shower and been, like, 'I need to get drunk quick.'"

Co-host Stacey Dash informed Reiss that he doesn't "have the right woman," and speculated that divorce rates are high because not enough men are bathing under the influence. "Women don't know how to take care of their men anymore," she said.

Tantaros agreed, saying that "if you're not going to answer the door in your lingerie, maybe he's going to run off with the neighbor."

When her co-hosts accused her of being sarcastic, Tantaros countered that she's "a traditional, old-fashioned girl" who does "these things for my man, and that's why they're always smiling."

"I don't think it has to do with taking women back in time," she added, "I just think it's kindness."

Watch the entire segment below via Fox News.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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