At Koch Brothers funded summit, Ted Cruz attacks Democrats and fellow GOP lawmakers for kowtowing to billionaires

Cruz also embraced "full out denial" on climate change, claiming it's a liberal plan to control the economy

By Scott Eric Kaufman

Published August 3, 2015 2:05PM (EDT)

  (AP/Andrew Harnik)
(AP/Andrew Harnik)

Speaking at an event hosted by the Koch Brothers, a straight-faced Ted Cruz criticized the Obama administration and the Democratic party for kowtowing to "California billionaires and their campaign donations."

Cruz was responding, in part, to White House adviser Brian Deese's statement on Sunday that the new EPA regulations Obama would announce today represent the "biggest step that any single president has made to curb the carbon pollution that is fueling climate change."

"Taken together," the White House said in a statement, "these measures put the United States on track to achieve the president’s near-term target to reduce emissions in the range of 17% below 2005 levels by 2020, and lay a strong foundation to deliver against our long-term target to reduce emissions 26 to 28% below 2005 levels by 2025."

At the Freedom Partners summit, Cruz claimed, yet again, that "the data and facts don't support" the existence of climate change. When the moderator described his position as "full out denial," Cruz didn't challenged that characterization.

Instead, he claimed that climate change was the equivalent of a fiscal Trojan horse, a means by which liberals could "impose massive government control" over large sections of the economy.

But Cruz also lashed out at fellow Republicans over their approval of "a trillion-dollar cromnibus plan filled with corporate welfare and pork." He blamed their complete capitulation to both Democrats and corporate interests on "the Washington cartel — career politicians in both parties who get in bed with lobbyists and special interests and grow and grow and grow government. And if we’re going to stop that, we’ve got to have leaders who’ve demonstrated they’ll take on the Washington cartel."

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