Todd Starnes (Credit: Fox News)

Fox News' Todd Starnes condemns his employer for its shamefully liberal handling of GOP debate

Allowing Megyn Kelly to ask all those "gotcha" questions? What is this? A reputable news organization?

Scott Eric Kaufman
August 7, 2015 9:26PM (UTC)

Fox News contributor Todd Starnes was not happy, not in the least, with how his employer conducted the GOP presidential debate last night. During his live-tweet of the event, he repeatedly condemned his peers using the very language typically reserved for mainstream liberal outlets:

[embedtweet id="629461204151439361"]


[embedtweet id="629463086945173504"]

[embedtweet id="629468285940146176"]

[embedtweet id="629470871674089472"]

[embedtweet id="629475355821244416"]

[embedtweet id="629479596535214080"]

He later consoled conservatives who found the Fox News moderators too liberal with a tweet:

[embedtweet id="629641680082325504"]

But he quickly realized that you can only fit so much consolation in 148 characters, so he produced a brief video assuring his audience that they still have a friend at Fox News despite last night's immoderate performance by Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier, and Chris Wallace:


"You have a friend in the Fox News corner of the world," he said. "Conservatives have a friend -- and we friends, stick together."

Scott Eric Kaufman

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