Jon Stewart's last "Daily Show" segment ever was absolutely perfect

Surprising approximately no one, Stewart's last Moment of Zen featured personal hero, Bruce Springsteen

Published August 7, 2015 4:40AM (EDT)

Jon Stewart  (AP)
Jon Stewart (AP)

Surprising approximately no one, Jon Stewart's personal hero and boss Bruce Springsteen paid a special visit to "The Daily Show" Thursday night to give the host of 16 years a proper Jon Voyage (and Moment of Zen).

He was accompanied by the E Street Band and played two numbers, "Land of Hope and Dreams" and "Born to Run" for Stewart.

Rumors began swirling Thursday afternoon after Springsteen was spotted arriving at the set of the show.  Shortly thereafter, Stan Goldstein, a Springsteen blogger, posted pictures of the E Street Band's setup inside the studio (at which point, there was no denying it).

A Springsteen-less "Daily Show" finale would have been hard to fathom; Back in 2009, Stewart told the American rock icon and fellow Jersey dude that he was the entire reason he got into comedy in the first place. Not because of his comedic influence, of course, but because of his "go get 'em" lyrics.

“You introduced me to the concept of the other side,” he said. “You introduced me to the concept of, you go through the tunnel and you can work to get away from your circumstance. And by working to get away from your circumstance, you can make something better of yourself. But there’s no guarantee.”

(video courtesy of Uproxx)

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