Valerie Plame: "Trump camp asked me to support The Donald as a way of getting back at Karl Rove"

The outed former CIA agent says email from Trump camp offered "Justice for Rove"

By Sophia Tesfaye

Published August 7, 2015 7:07PM (EDT)

Valerie Plame    (Reuters/Vincent Kessler)
Valerie Plame (Reuters/Vincent Kessler)

It's the enemy of my enemy that's my friend, right?

Well, it appears as though some garbled version of that idiom resonated with at least one member of the Donald Trump campaign who contacted former CIA agent Valerie Plame to secure her support for Trump as a form of retaliation against Karl Rove for his role in infamously outing Plame as a spy.

The Republican frontrunner, famous for his loud outbursts and even longer grudges, apparently thinks others walk around clinging on to vendettas, ready for a chance to pounce. This morning, Plame took to her social media today to blast The Donald's campaign for approaching her for support as part of a scheme to gain revenge against Karl Rove.

Okay...this actually happened...someone from the Trump camp contacted me to see if I would give The Donald my support as a way of getting back at Karl Rove. You can't make this stuff up, folks!

Posted by Valerie Plame Wilson on Friday, August 7, 2015

Rove, a top Bush staffer at the time, was identified as being among those who contributed to Plame's outing as a CIA operative in 2003 as part of political retribution plot.

Plame told her hometown paper, The Santa Fe New Mexican, that she received an email from a Trump aide on Thursday asking for her help to get "Justice for Rove." She also posted the information to her Twitter account:

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"I kind of lost the thread there," Plame told the New Mexican. "Maybe I'm slow, but I don't get the connection."

There may be no connection, in the logic sense, but this is Trumpland after all and there is never a feud too far off. This one traces back to last month when Rove, a Fox News contributor, wrongly predicted Trump would not enter the Republican race because he wouldn’t want to reveal his personal finances.

Of course, Trump shot back, taking to Twitter to blast Rove as a "Bush plant" with "no credibility":

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Ironically, Rove told a group of donors in Ohio that Trump had exceed his expectations in the lead up to the debates. "He’s done a better job than I’d expected in the last month of improving his numbers," Rove said, complimenting the one man brand just one day before the Fox News Debate. "He’s a celebrity. He knows how to do it, and the format’s going to work for him. He understands new media."

"He's so over the top, and arrogant, and nasty," Wilson said of Trump before offering to serve as a campaign surrogate for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

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