What we learned from conservatives' reaction to the GOP debate

The right's response was far from unanimous -- but there's still a lot we can glean from their real-time reactions

By Sophia Tesfaye
Published August 7, 2015 3:28PM (EDT)
Ann Coulter                  (AP/Peter Kramer)
Ann Coulter (AP/Peter Kramer)

Last night's night debate was certainly entertaining but it was also rather informative.

From that debate stage in Cleveland, we learned that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio actually does not support an exemption from abortion bans in the case of rape or incest, despite cosponsoring legislation that had such an exemption. And we learned that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker may be "pro-life," just not the life of a woman he'd force to carry a problematic pregnancy to term even if it resulted in her death.

But we also learned a lot about Republican voters via the reaction of right-wing Twitter, like the fact that for some conservatives, there is a such thing as being too extremely anti-abortion:

[embedtweet id=629461618120880129]

We also learned that most GOPers on Twitter are proud of their team:

[embedtweet id=629487411643285504]

[embedtweet id=629471197907001344]

[embedtweet id=629488154991407104]

[embedtweet id=629485691370622976]

[embedtweet id=629491081424408576]

[embedtweet id=629490143674527744]

We learned that Trump supporters are determined and delusional:

[embedtweet id=629492336494403585]

[embedtweet id=629492328756080640]

[embedtweet id=629475403074289664]

[embedtweet id=629498964199387141]

[embedtweet id=629488376186540033]

They still hate Jeb Bush:

[embedtweet id=629470812962222080]

[embedtweet id=629478394506444800]

[embedtweet id=629492306157142016]

[embedtweet id=629473144932335617]

And some ruthless Republicans simply have no use for "compassionate conservatism":

[embedtweet id=29472558463721473]

[embedtweet id=629462432021282816]

[embedtweet id=629462414304542721]

[embedtweet id=629462475465830400]

[embedtweet id=629480276016508928]

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