Bill O'Reilly tweets about Ferguson — and his followers get super racist

It should go without saying -- blow a racist dog whistle and you'll attract some racist dogs

Published August 10, 2015 3:43PM (EDT)

  (AP/Kathy Willens/Twitter)
(AP/Kathy Willens/Twitter)

Black America's Greatest Champion, Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, tweeted out a simple, declarative statement about last night's shooting in Ferguson, Missouri and the response was, shall we say, an education in the effectiveness of conservative dog whistles.

Conservatives' racist shorthand has reached IRTNOG-levels novel of condensation, such that simply by indicating that there's been "Gunfire at Ferguson protest," O'Reilly's followers knew exactly how to apportion blame -- namely, on the "animals":

[embedtweet id="630748154611286016"]

And the "criminals":

[embedtweet id="630746966528364544"]

And Louis Farrakhan:

[embedtweet id="630755400808148993"]

Or other black leaders:

[embedtweet id="630749663335972865"]

Or the Obama administration:

[embedtweet id="630747859944644608"]

It could possibly be "their rapist minds" that's the problem:

[embedtweet id="630750254120501248"]

Or the fact that they're "vampires":

[embedtweet id="630746925827026944"]

But it certainly isn't the police officer's fault:

[embedtweet id="630748467510530048"]

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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