How I cured my “sexual dysfunction” without a pill

I hated sex, but I didn’t need “pink Viagra.” I needed to understand intercourse — and my own body — much better

By Laura Zam
Published August 10, 2015 12:00AM (EDT)
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(oleg66 via iStock/Salon)

“Maybe you’re just not a very sexual person,” said Dr. Fay in a slow Southern drawl. Seated before me in a gold miniskirt and bright blue eye shadow was the hypnotherapist I’d gone to see because I hated intercourse.

Her diagnosis: Hyposexual Desire Disorder, HSDD.

Now, three years later, a drug treating this condition, flibansersin, might get FDA approval by the end of this month. If green-lighted, women with low libido will be told that altering brain chemicals is a potential cure. However, at the same time this “Pink Viagra” was being tested on premenopausal women like me, I was able to heal myself of HSDD — and five other kinds of dysfunction — without pharmaceuticals. It turned out what I needed was not medication, but a marrie...

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Laura Zam

Laura Zam is a writer, performer, and speaker based in Washington, DC. She's working on a memoir related to this piece.