There's no "mystery" about the female orgasm

Why are we still talking about vaginal orgasms when there's no evidence they exist? Let's look at the facts

Published August 10, 2015 10:57PM (EDT)

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Despite all the ink and verbiage to the contrary, the female orgasm is not all that complicated. A recent BBC  article, "The Mystery of the Female Orgasm," mysteriously contributed to the confusion.

Reading that article would lead one to believe that the lady-gasm is incredibly complicated to figure out in the bedroom, that it revolves around the vagina, that science doesn't have a clue what it is, and that only quite recently have scientists begun to find any answers. All of that is utterly incorrect. The female orgasm is no more complicated than the male orgasm. It revolves around the external clitoral glans. Science has had this pretty solidly figured out since about 1966, about as long as it's had the male orgasm figured out, and all of the exciting new studies in this article that are supposedly cracking this female-orgasm thing wide open -- well, actually they're better categorized as studies that focus on fringe ideas about female orgasm, speculating about ways of coming that have never been verified in scientific literature.

The orgasms this article focuses on are G-spot orgasms, vaginal orgasm and orgasm from inner clitoral leg or cervical stimulation. These are just things people talk about. There is no scientific proof that they exist. An orgasm caused this way has never been observed or recorded in science, not even in the scientific research the BBC article references. In the same way, for men, spiritual orgasms, orgasms from anal sex, prostate stimulated orgasms, and mental orgasms are just things people talk about. They are not actual orgasms men can experience. The big difference here is that an article about male orgasm would treat these things as fringe hearsay, and an article about the female orgasm treats them...

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By Trisha Borowicz

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