Horrifying videos depict a massive explosion in China

The cause of the blast, which reportedly injured hundreds, is unknown

By Lindsay Abrams

Published August 12, 2015 6:50PM (EDT)


Reports are circulating of a major explosion, of unknown origins, in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin.

A number of frightening photos and videos that apparently depict the incident emerged Wednesday afternoon (it occurred at 11:30 pm local time):

[embedtweet id="631509402961358848"]

(According to Locke, the above images were taken from the social network Weibo.)

Matt Simon at CCTV America, which has a reporter on the scene, is providing live updates of the situation, which has yet to be brought under control:

[embedtweet id="631529667699318784"]

Hundreds have reportedly been injured in the blast, which the state-run media says was "caused by explosive material in [a] container." Tianjin, according to the Guardian, is "a base for refining and petrochemical industries."

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