Megyn Kelly abruptly announces unplanned two-week vacation, effective immediately

Not that compassionate people should begrudge her more time to recuperate, but the timing is curious

Published August 13, 2015 8:35PM (EDT)

The week following her aggressive questioning last Thursday of Republican front-runner Donald Trump has not been an easy one for Fox News' Megyn Kelly.

From being called a "bimbo" to death threats to never being able to unthink this grotesquerie, there's no debating that Kelly could use a more substantial vacation that than the three-day trip to the beach she earlier claimed to have embarked upon after the debate.

And why shouldn't she take a longer break? Two more weeks devoted to recuperating from the Donald's relentless Trumping isn't something compassionate people should be beyond begrudging.

However, the timing of her unplanned absence is a touch curious, coming mere days after Roger Ailes had to personally step to ratchet down hostilities between the battling parties -- especially given the rumors that he told Trump that not accepting the detente would mean "go[ing] to war" with the network.

For Kelly to abandon her show so soon after scoring what was, by most accounts, a decisive victory against the real estate magnate is a curious decision on the host's part -- if, indeed, it is her decision, as it was also revealed earlier in the week that Ailes offered Trump time on "The Kelly File," even though Kelly was adamant that she would not be apologizing for what she considered to be "good journalism."

Watch the entire video below via Fox News.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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