"You're embarrassing the nation!": This 13-year-old just demolished Donald Trump in a sweet folk ballad

And now we brace ourselves for Trump's inevitable Tweetstorm

Published August 13, 2015 9:38PM (EDT)


Will it be a 13-year-old girl who finally puts an end to the Donald Trump madness once and for all? Naw, probably not. But it was a valiant effort, nonetheless. Gold star for participation.

Molly Bergman, 13, is the singer and songwriter behind "Dear Mr. Trump," a scathing takedown of the GOP loose canon veiled in folksy sweetness. The video accompanying it contains a delightfully unflattering array of Trump pictures, likely snatched from a quick Google Images search with keywords "bad hair day," and goes on to urge the presidential frontrunner to "stop being such a chump."

"Haha, could you stop embarrassing our entire nation, pretty please?" seems to be the general tone of the ballad.

Now, we all brace ourselves for Trump's inevitable Twitter response. It won't be pretty.

Have a listen yourself below:

By Colin Gorenstein

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