Fox News has completely lost its mind: It's August 14 and Elizabeth Hasselbeck is freaking out about the "War on Christmas"

"The Perpetual War on Christmas" does have a nice ring to it, no?

Published August 14, 2015 8:07PM (EDT)

 Elisabeth Hasselbeck  (Fox News)
Elisabeth Hasselbeck (Fox News)

The "War on Christmas" -- Fox News' catch-all for any attempt to remove state-sanctioned religious display during what used to be the holiday season, but which now extends either backwards or forwards, it's difficult to tell, to August -- is once again upon us, as "Fox & Friends" devoted a "Fight for Faith" segment this morning to the Freedom From Religion Foundation's attempt to have the city of Belen, New Mexico remove a nativity scene on government property.

Mayor Jerah Cordova told KOAT that he was "seething" when he learned of the FFRF's request. "Our town was named Belen for a reason," he said, "because our founders wanted it to be named after Bethlehem and of course, what happened in Bethlehem was the birth of Christ, which is something we've expressed since our founding."

The FFRF said its request is a simple one -- remove the nativity scene from government property, but Mayor Cordova indicated that he believes that's just the organization's opening gambit. "Where does it stop?" he asked. "If we don't stand up for the Nativity scene in the heart of Belen, next will they be asking us to change our name?"

He remained defiant on "Fox & Friends," telling co-host Elisabeth Hasselback that he was "prepared to take this as far as we can."

She agreed that he should, then added that "the 'War on Christmas' typically comes in the winter, near December, but this is coming a little bit early [because] this isn't a seasonal issue -- this a nativity that comes up for Christmas. This has been part of your people’s history there."

"We know that we're going to get the support that we need to carry this through," Cordova said, and as the segment closed, Hasselbeck praised him for having what she characterized as a "leader's voice ringing strong."

Watch the entire segment via Fox News below.

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