Bernie Sanders blasts Donald Trump as "an embarrassment for our country"

Sanders says Trump's "slurring of the Latino community is not something that should be going on in the year 2015"

By Sophia Tesfaye

Published August 17, 2015 3:24PM (EDT)

  (Reuters/Larry Downing/Brendan McDermid)
(Reuters/Larry Downing/Brendan McDermid)

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has had it with Donald Trump and comparisons of his campaign to that of the billionaire mogul and GOP frontrunner.

The Vermont senator told the New York Times Magazine that he not only disagreed with Trump's views on immigration but that he found Trump's entire campaign to be an embarrassment. Asked by Ana Marie Cox in a short interview what he thought of "Trump's surge in the polls," Sanders responded, "not much." Sanders went on to slam Trump as an "embarrassment for our country," citing his "slurring of the Latino community":

I think Donald Trump’s views on immigration and his slurring of the Latino community is not something that should be going on in the year 2015, and it’s to me an embarrassment for our country.

Sanders and Trump briefly crossed paths this weekend at the Iowa State Fair, where presidential candidates from both sides of the aisle visited the famed Soapbox and chowed down on a variety of fried delectables. "I apologize, we left the helicopter at home. It's in the garage," Sanders joked, mocking Trump's splashy appearance at the fair via helicopter (the billionaire offered free rides to children and told them he was Batman.)

And on NBC's "Meet the Press" this weekend, Sanders explained to host Chuck Todd how his campaign differs from that of Trump's after Todd asked what he thought he "had in common with the Trump voter":

Here’s the difference. I am not a billionaire. My family doesn’t have a whole lot of people. We are raising our campaign contributions from 350,000 people who are contributing on average Chuck, $31.20 apiece. That’s our response to out to working class people, to go out to the middle-class people and gain support. I think that’s a little bit different approach than Donald Trump’s.

Sophia Tesfaye

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