Corgis are for extroverts: What your favorite dog breed says about you

Science suggests your dog is an expression of your personality type. Find out if you and your pooch are a match

By Caitlin Jill Anders

Published August 20, 2015 9:00AM (EDT)

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The Dodo Even though we love all dogs, most of us have to admit — we definitely play favorites. We all have our "type," that specific breed that we find the MOST adorable, as opposed to just standardly adorable, because, come on now. Dogs. We love them a little too much.

In fact, the type of dog breed we love says a lot about us — science says so (and so does popular opinion and even some celebrities). Didn't think your love of corgis actually said something about you? Well, it does.

Even if you love a certain breed, there are plenty of purebreds and equally adorable mutts waiting in shelters across the country for their forever homes, so remember: adopt don't shop! You can even find a shelter specifically for the breed you're looking for. Here are a few breeds and what they reveal about the people who love them.

Pit Bull

Pit bull lovers are very accepting people. Pit bulls are often a stereotyped breed which means pit bull lovers are very sympathetic and open-minded. They're easygoing and don't really care what anyone else thinks. As a result, they can also be very creative people. They're confident in themselves — and Hey, you never know.

Pit bull lovers are very accepting people. Pit bulls are often a stereotyped breed which means pit bull lovers are very sympathetic and open-minded. They're easygoing and don't really care what anyone else thinks. As a result, they can also be very creative people. They're confident in themselves — and some have mused they might be good in bed. Hey, you never know.

Famous Owners: Vin Diesel, Steve Irwin


Pomeranians are small, sweet and adorable, and the people who love them are often perceived the same way. Pomeranian people are easygoing and generally pretty open-minded. As suggested by the lively spirit of these little dogs, people who love them are also very passionate. There's a lot of love and zest for life packed into those little bodies!

Famous Owners: Sir Isaac Newton, Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria


Fans of greyhounds are often the strong, silent types. They're independent and sometimes quiet, and because of these traits they can sometimes come off as intimidating. They have very strong family ties and tend to remain calm in emotional situations as they're not overly emotional people. Greyhound lovers are also very intuitive, just like their furry counterparts. Greyhound lovers understand you — maybe better than you understand yourself. Deep.
Famous Owners: Cesar Millan, J.K. Rowling


Those who worship corgis are very social creatures. They tend to be extroverts and love getting attention from others. Corgi lovers love to talk and will probably not stop talking very often. They tend to be the ones who crave the spotlight — maybe actors and musicians! They're very active and love going out and experiencing the world. Corgi people are quirky, but can also be kind of stubborn — they believe what they believe!

Famous Owner: Queen of England

German Shepherd

German shepherds are super active and sporty, just like the people who love them. These people are social, but are more outgoing when they're with their close friends. In general, they're extroverts and definitely have a competitive streak. You might not want to engage a German shepherd lover in a challenge — you probably won't win.

Famous Owner: Chris Evans


Famous Owner: Ellen Degeneres


Bulldog people are strong, independent extroverts. Their self-discipline and type A personalities can definitely be intimidating to some, but really they're not so scary. At heart, bulldog people have strong family ties and prefer to just lounge around on the couch with people they love. They crave order and schedules and can definitely be stubborn about it.

Famous Owners: Adam Sandler, Winston Churchill, John Legend


Chihuahuas get a rap for being high maintenance, but that's definitely a stereotype. Chihuahuas and the people who love them are actually very easy to get along with. Chihuahua lovers are sympathetic people and are always willing to get to know you before passing judgement — probably because people don't always offer them that same courtesy. They take pride in the way they look and are always dressed for success.

Famous Owner: Paris Hilton


Husky lovers are born leaders. They're strong-willed, confident and definitely know what they want. Lovers of huskies tend to be very protective people — they've always got your back when you need it. They're also very active, with a love for sports and being outdoors.

Famous Owners: Rita Ora, Danica Patrick


It's been said that you have to have a sense of humor to have a pug, and pug lovers definitely do! People who love pugs enjoy laughing and are overall very cheery, positive people. They're not always the most sporty (or coordinated), but that's OK. They adore being pampered and taken care of, just like their furry counterparts. Pug lovers are open-minded and tend to be on the artistic side.

Famous Owners: Paris Hilton, Hugh Laurie


People who love labs never take life too seriously. They're social and just love being around people. Lab lovers tend to be very smart, but they also get distracted easily. They're very active and can be quite athletic, but also love just hanging around the house with good food and good friends. Lab people are loyal — you can always depend on them to be there for you, no matter what.

Famous Owners: Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway

Australian Shepherd

Famous Owner: Mel Gibson


Famous Owner: Will Smith

Golden Retriever

Famous Owner: Jennifer Aniston


Famous Owner: Lyndon B. Johnson

So — which pup is your type?

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