A staggering 50 women have now accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault

Two new accusers came forward in New York yesterday

Published August 21, 2015 3:09PM (EDT)

  (AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta)
(AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Two new Cosby accusers came forward in New York on Thursday, adding their names to a staggering list of over 50 women who allege that the comedian sexually assaulted them. The accusations are spread out over a four-decade period.

The women shared their stories a conference held by lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents a number of Cosby’s accusers. Former actress Charlotte Fox described meeting Cosby in the 1970s as an extra on one of his movies. According to USA Today, she says he then raped her in a Playboy mansion after she consumed food and drink that he served to her.

The other women, who identified as Elizabeth but did not wish to share her real name, said she met Cosby on a plane while she was an American Airlines flight attendant in 1976. After a dinner out with Cosby, she says she fell into a “trancelike state” and was forced to engage in an undisclosed sex act.

While the statute of limitations on both crimes — which took place in the ‘70s in LA — has expired, Allred said it is important that Cosby's alleged victims continued to speak out. As she put it: "Although it is too late for them to take any legal action, because of the statute of limitations, it is not too late for them to become empowered women who can speak out in the court of public opinion, and that is what they are doing today."


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