Jon Stewart's first act of retirement: Attacking pro wrestler John Cena with a steel chair

Have Stewart and Seth Rollins finally buried the hatchet?

By Colin Gorenstein

Published August 24, 2015 3:25PM (EDT)


If you imagined that Jon Stewart would use the stage Sunday night while hosting WWE's SummerSlam to retaliate against long-time nemesis, professional wrestler Seth Rollins, you would be quite wrong.

Plot twist: Stewart got physical during the Rollins vs. John Cena “winner takes all” title vs. title match at Barclays Center last night -- but it wasn't in Cena's defense. Stewart slammed -- no, demolished? Eviscerated? Skewered? -- him with a steel chair.

It seems Stewart has softened up a bit in retirement and decided to give the swaggering villain another chance. Is there hope for the rest of the "Daily Show" nemeses? Eh, it might be a while before Stewart rushes to Bill O'Reilly's defense with a steel chair.

Watch the clip courtesy of UPROXX below:

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