Black Lives Matter activists are furious about Rebel Wilson's tonedeaf VMA bit on police brutality

In which Wilson makes light of police brutality by addressing "stripper cops"

Published August 31, 2015 4:17PM (EDT)


Black Lives Matter activists are not happy with Australian comedian-actress Rebel Wilson's bit at the VMAs Sunday night which made light of police brutality.

While on stage to present the award for Best Hip-Hop Video, the "Pitch Perfect" star delivered a (cough) tonedeaf bit -- somberly leading in with "a lot of people have problems with the police," then taking a hard left to explain that she's fed up with stripper police. They're the real issue here.

Things just got worse when Wilson ripped off her clothing, revealing a tee that read "FUCK THA STRIPPER POLICE." (Just one of many moments MTV was too slow-moving to censor during the live broadcast.)

"They come to your house. You think you're getting arrested, and you just get a lap dance and it's usually uninspired," Wilson said. "I hired a police stripper for my grandma's 80th and he wouldn't even feel her up...I hate this injustice, hence the shirt."

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson fired back on Twitter shortly after:

[embedtweet id=638169902340304897]

He followed that up in a response tweet, "If the police kill someone you love, would it be a funny joke, then?"

Watch the bit we all could have done without below courtesy of Hollywood Reporter:

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